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Noella Menon
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Wonders of the Voice - Using the Power of your Voice to succeed 
An Exciting Workshop that takes you on a journey of Discovery about the Fascinating World of Voice Acting / Voice Over & Jingles - Harness the hidden potential of your voice.


Eligibility: Talented pre-teens, teens and adults who… 
• Love Radio, TV, Films or Audio-Video related Media
• Know the words of ads & TV serials by-heart & never miss an opportunity to recite these with full gusto & passion
• Are naturals at conjuring up accents and dialogues impromptu
• Often find themselves talking to characters they manifest in their imaginative minds eye, 
• Are often caught talking to themselves in front of the mirror 
• Love to imitate famous people or cartoon voices they watch on TV 
• Are addicted to recording themselves, speaking with their ‘TV News Anchor’ or RJ voice
• Love singing with a microphone or in the bathroom because of the fabulous acoustics!
• Are perhaps shy in public but TIGERS at home!
• Want to pursue a full time or part time career in voice acting, voice over & or jingles


….Then this workshop is for you or that talented performer you know! 


Benefits: Raw latent talent & passion is ALL you need to sign up for this entertaining, engaging, interactive, game-heavy workshop - A Voice Acting, Voice Over & Jingle Workshop - that …
• Hones creativity and sharpens the right brain
• Brings out the performer, 
• Helps overcome shyness, 
• Harnesses the potential of your voice to project your unique persona to world developing life-skills & an all-round personality
• Gives you a head-start advantage – a potential to earn early in life 
• Nudges you along to becoming successful at a career you’ll love!


Life is an act! We're all playing roles - Ace those myriad characters you gotta play in real life.... or in a studio - getting paid to have fun doing what you absolutely LOVE!! 


What the Beginners Guide Workshop Covers: 
• Introduction to the world of Voice Acting, Voice Over & Jingles
• Live Demo’s on character voices, impersonations of voice ages, voice genders 
• Hands-on or shall we say Voice-On training on microphone technique, audio equipment training
• Script Analysis and Reading techniques
• Tips & Tricks on Voice Acting, Voice Over & Jingles
• Voice Modulation, Voice Projection, Inflection, Emoting, 
• Pronunciation & Articulation
• Pitch & Scale exercises for vocal cord expansion & warm up
• Breathing Techniques for projection and vocal cord health 
• How to get started in VO
• The makings of a good VOA
• Changing it up with accents 
• Loads of interactive games & opportunities to practice & hone talent
• Do’s & Dont’s of VOA’s
• Celebrity videos & behind the scene insights on how it’s done


What the Advanced Guide Covers 
• How to set up your home studio
• Choosing the right microphone
• How to set up your VO business
• VO business management overview
• Client Relationship Building
• Pricing Right 
• Do’s & Don't’s of VO Pro’s
• How to be successful
• Professional Voice Over Demo Creation (Included FOC for those who sign up for both Beginners + Advanced Package) 


When & Where: 

Saturday June 6th 2015 – Beginners Guide Work Shop Full day 9:30am to 5pm (Includes Light working lunch & refreshments)


Workshops Venue
The Training Room
18 Jalan Masjid, 
#B1-08 Kembangan Plaza Singapore 418944
Kembangan Plaza situated at the junction of Sim Avenue East & 18 Jalan Masjid, conveniently located just opposite Kembangan MRT Station, East Region of Singapore.


What’s Included …. 
• Light working lunch & refreshments, 
• Live demo’s, 
• Hands-on audio equipment intro & training, 
• Certificates of participation issued by Voice4ads 
• Handouts with tips & Q&A with helpful resources on the Voice Over industry
• Participants with Potential stand a chance to be included in the Voice4ads voicebank for actual VO Jobs requiring unique voices, accents, cartoon voices and authentic kids voices too. 
• Pro Demo on a CD (for package (BGWS + AGWS sign-ups only)

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