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Jerry Yeo
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Because every business is unique, the software to run your business will have to be just as unique. Our design process is set up to provide just the services to ensure what we deliver fits your hands, right down to the last pores.


The Features You Need... In a Simple Package



Do not be tied down to any location or network. Our cloud-based applications can be accessed from any location that has internet access.

Cross Platform

Being a web application has its advantages. Our application can be fully accessed from most modern browsers, unrestricted by OS and platforms.

Unlimited Users

There will be no limits on the number of user accounts you can create, or the type of users you want to add. Once its yours, its yours.

Intuitive Design

Throw away the manual! Gone are the days when users still read manuals or instructions for anything but the most confusing stuff. And we're anything but the most confusing stuff.

Responsive Support

Prompt technical support from our team will ensure that any issues you encounter will be solved with our highest priority.


How your business operates now might not be how it operates in the future. Our solutions are designed to be expandable, in an inclusive way so that the original feeling of "total package" doesn't diminish.


Our Process


Step 1 Requirements
Our team will consult with you to find out more about the issues you face, your current workflow, any solutions you have in mind and the endgame you envisioned.

Understanding all these factors will allow us to propose solutions that you can implement without breaking stride in your daily operations.

Step 2 Design
Though undoubtedly ideas will be thrown around during our initial meets, these ideas will usually be unrefined.

Our team will bring back these ideas, and proceed to "throw rocks" at them to find weaknesses and loopholes and tedious usability in them.

Step 3 Develop
After the ideas have been firmed up, development will begin in earnest, all the while reviewing that we're still true north to the objectives of the project.

At various points of the development, the product as-is will be subjected to rounds of inhouse testing that aims to "break the system" to ensure its stability and reliability has not weakened.

Step 4 Launch
Once development has been completed, you will be invited to perform an User Acceptance Test, the passing of which will indicate that the system is ready to be deployed.

After deployment, a phase of "Field Testing" will begin. At this stage, the system is already fully functional, the aim of this phase is to scope for minor enhancement adjustments that you or your operators may suggest.

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