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PianoKeys – Music For Preschoolers to adults

PianoKeys is the premier music solutions provider in music programmes, focusing on high quality teaching and delivery to ensure the best possible music enrichment experience. Our music programme introduces elementary concepts of music learning to students in a hip and fun way! PianoKeys builds a solid foundation for piano/keyboard playing and goes beyond the traditional ‘music and movement’ curriculum. PianoKeys program is designed with everyone in mind. Our unique blend of music nourishes the intellectual and creative minds of learner of all ages. Everyone has many opportunities to participate in group music lessons. We have created something different… a program that keeps learners excited, motivated, and wanting to learn more! As learners engage in the music program, they improve their memory, cognitive development, learning skills and their ability to express emotion. This learning program is a fun and energetic way to introduce the creative world of music, acquire group social behaviors such as taking turns, cooperation and listening. They are encouraged to explore instruments, which increases auditory discrimination and a foundation for future musical interests. Our program takes students with no musical experience on a magical journey where they acquire the piano skills, keyboard awareness, and rhythmic understanding they need for a successful future at the piano. Join PianoKeys now. Contact us at 6455 2116 now.

*House calls can be arranged subject to slots availability and surcharges.

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Teachers’ Day Tribute to a Piano Teacher

Dear Ms Lo

 “The Good Teacher explains, the Superior Teacher demonstrates, the GREAT Teacher inspires.” My 10+ Looking for a Piano Teacher for your child/children or yourself ? Always wanted to play the years of learning music from you has been filled with ups and downs and I definitely was not the best of students. But thank you for persevering and never giving up on me, always encouraging me along the way. In these 10 or more years you have taught me more than just music and have been more than just a teacher to me. So THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC, THE BARE NECESSITIES OF LIFE…………..Your inspired student, Chen Weiyi. 

More Reviews - http://pianoteachersingaporejms.wordpress.com/

I am thankful to you Ms Lo. You taught me how to focus and be disciplined. Thru your encouragement, I have done well not only in music but in school and daily life as well. Wonderful to have you as my music teacher all these years - Karan Lau

Thank you for teaching me. I enjoy your lessons and have learned much. You are a wonderful teacher! – Audrey Lo

It has been a wonderful year learning the piano with you as my teacher. Thank you for all your patience and advice and for the knowledge you are imparting to me which is making my dreams come true. – Kathryn Clarke

 Thank you for a job well done. You had boost up Jervis's self esteem. He was feeling rather important about himself. I really appreciate your effort…… Serena Kang, Jervis's mother   

Your special once-a-month group lesson is an excellent idea. It gives children an opportunity to showcase their talent, develop self-belief, confidence and improve social interactive skills. Outstanding!................. Ronda McMahon, Australian International School. 

Thank you for being such a blessing...for being so tolerant...thank you for believing in me when I was about to give up....for pushing me when I thought I could go no further. Above all, thank you for being my teacher! You are truly a wonderful piano teacher! Happy Teachers' Day!!   …………………  Andrew Ng

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