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See Wai
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502 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 Lift Lobby B,
D20. Ang Mo Kio/ Bishan/ Thomson, North (D19-20)
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Learn English with Our Private Tutors. Start now and prepare for 2016.

English tuition serves to rectify children’s improper usage of English. During our English tuition, the use of Standard English is reinforced and more practices are provided for your child to exercise the use and expression of Standard English. It is especially effective and essential to introduce correct English usage to children at a very young age in establishing a good foundation of English, so that he/she can cope better with the increasing demands of the English subject, as well as to cope with other subjects like Science and Mathematics, which teachings and assessments are also based on the English language. Students perform badly academically are often due to their poor command of English, resulting in their poor comprehension of the questions and the information provided, as well as their poor ability to provide quality answers. English tuition serves to provide specialized attention that is catered to the child’s weaknesses in vocabularygrammarcomprehension or composition. A private English tutor can thus provide more teaching and monitoring on the child’s weaker components like spelling, writing skills and comprehension skills in order to express themselves clearly. Our courses through interactive lessons held in a friendly and secure learning environment, will develop your child’s literacy and social skills helping them to read, write and speak with confidence. Our courses are built on Ministry of Education's learning outcomes so that students will improve their writing and speaking skills in this various phases of their education.

We are qualified English teachers. Call Joyce or See Wai now at 64552116 / 90217831. We are located at 502 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, opp NYP, beside Anderson Sec.

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