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Cynosure is our flagship business literacy product.

Here’s Why:
Business simulation programmes are what top business schools use to teach or test. MNCs routinely use this to assess capability for those identified as talent. Let your children/ students have a fantastic headstart in life with Cynosure!
Students from disadvantaged backgrounds will benefit from learning business basics.
Why Cynosure is a must-have experience for your child/ student:


1. Cynosure provides application-based learning according to MOE’s curriculum
In line with MOE’s push for application based learning, Cynosure will specifically include materials which allow students to apply what they have learnt in their English and Math lessons for that year, while also learning business basics. We look forward to entire cohorts of Primary 4 to Secondary 5 students benefitting from this.

2. Cynosure teaches business concepts in an intuitive way
Cynosure’s sophisticated back-end logic and customisable difficulty levels allow for smooth and age-appropriate game play that teaches business basics at the level of the students. Students who are stronger in picking up concepts will be able to immediately see the link between their game choices and the business concepts Cynosure seeks to teach. Through in-game tutorial/ practice sessions and the game flow, all students will be taught to intuitively understand business trends and models.

3. Cynosure helps connects real world applications of the business concepts learnt
Videos of entrepreneurs and business leaders, which include interviews, meaningful quotes and case studies, will be used to help participants connect the business concepts learnt to real world examples.

4. Cynosure delivers via a combination of digital and face to face interaction to ensure optimal learning
Drawing on research which shows that the best learning is done through a combination of digital and face to face interactions, the Cynosure program is designed to be best delivered in a workshop format. This format allows participants to benefit from both the game contents, and through real-time, real-world, face-to-face learning from a workshop facilitator trained in the Cynosure method as well as fellow participants.

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