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Service Description

Body Wrapping exfoliates and cleanses your skin, detoxifies your body, tightens loose tissue and gives you exceptional and lasting inch loss. It is excellent for reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.


The average person will lose between 10-15″ on their first wrap, some will get even better results. A series of 8-10 wraps is recommended for maximum results, complete detoxification of the skin cells, and greatest inch loss.


Benefits & Advantages to Body Wrap Treatments

  •     Non-surgical procedure!
  •     Noticeable Inch Loss in One Wrap!
  •     Lose inches from problem areas!
  •     Cleanses Body of Toxins & Impurities for overall better health!
  •     Treats Unsightly Cellulite!
  •     Works for Both Men & Women!
  •     No Pills or Shots!
  •     Not a Water Loss!
  •     Tightens loose skin from recent weight loss!
  •     Tones Your Body!
  •     Conditions & Softens Skin!
  •     Slimming & Contouring Effect!
  •     Rejuvenates & Revitalizes!
  •     Fantastic for Psoriasis!
  •     Healthier skin!
  •     Firms up Sagging Skin!
  •     Firm, Tone & Tighten!
  •     Cleanse & Detoxify!
  •     Cellulite Treatment!
  •     Reduces the Appearance of Stretch Marks!

100% Safe & Effective!

  •     motivation when dieting – see results!
  •     lose inches fast for a special occasion!
  •     lose inches to fit into clothing!




What is the treatment like?

A powerful combination of Sea Clay and Minerals will be freshly blended and applied to the skin. Depending on your condition, you will either be wrapped with bandages or cellophane wrap. We use cellophane for clients who have never had a body wrap before as this enhances maximum perspiration.  For clients who have gone through similar detox procedures before, we use bandage wraps soaked in the solution as this will offer a compression effect that reshapes the body.


You will then be placed in an warm infra red cocoon blanket for 60 minutes for the detox process. After that, you will be unwrapped and the remaining products will be wiped off with warm towels.  The treatment ends with a detoxifying floral tea made from Carnation, Rose and Chrysanthemum flowers


Is there anything I should do before and after the treatment?

You should ensure that you have none of the health conditions described below as these are contraindications

  • Pregnant
  • High/Low Blood Pressure
  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Epilepsy or any form seizures


Have a light meal before the treatment and drink sufficient water. This will help stimulate the metabolism and detox process
After the treatment, wait for at least 2 hours before showering. Continue to drink at least another 2 glasses of water to facilitate the elimination of toxins


How long is the treatment?
You should allow at least 90 minutes


How much is the treatment?
$110 for a full body wrap
$80 for a partial body wrap


Please SMS 93825901 to book a session. Strictly by appointment basis

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