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30 Merchant road,
#02-05 Riverside Point,
D6. City Hall/ Clarke Quay, City & South (D1-8)
Service Description

Do your own salon style slimming treatment at home!
Learn the secrets of tummy slimming with a customised massage technique to break down stubborn fats and firm up sagging skin.

This treatment is an important element in any slimming program. When used with the correct products, massage can show remarkable results from inch loss to a marked reduction in water retention. In addition, participants will be guided on how to apply a slimming cellophane wrap to complete this treatment on themselves.

The many benefits of tummy massage and wrap:

  • Reduction and prevention of water retention
  • Increased lymphatic flow
  • Detoxifying and re-shaping of the body’s contours
  • Prevention of cellulite
  • Inch loss
  • This is an interactive workshop for ladies only. Participants will be encouraged to join in the hands on segment where they will be taught the tummy massage technique.

Great looking eyes can come easy in this workshop. Find out what’s really causing those dark circles, eye bags and dreaded wrinkles.

Do you know what the real concerns are when it comes to your eyes? Let Carole do an accurate analysis of your eyes to determine if those darks circles are just lack of sleep or something deeper rooted like low iron in your blood?

Find out if you should be using an anti ageing eye cream or a decongestant eye gel?

How about some massage? Learn the correct steps to quickly perform an eye massage for amazing results.

Not into commercial products? Make your own! Get recipes for eye masks and treatments right from fridge.


Learn how to bring out your features with makeup. Learn the basic techniques of a complete day makeup application for work and fun.

In addition, enjoy an analysis of your skin undertones to help you choose the right color harmonies.


Acne and scarring is a painful aspect of what happens when the skin is affected by various factors such as hormones, genes and even the wrong skin care regime.
Having worked closely with her clients to offer them successful solutions to this disfiguring condition, Carole is well versed in providing the right information and treatment options available today.
More importantly, this session will highlight not just the topical treatment regimes but the important aspects of clearing your skin from the inside out. Teach your skin to heal itself with the right vitamins and minerals. Learn how food can hurt or help your skin.

Find out:

  • What causes acne
  • What is an anti acne skin care regime?
  • Should pimples be extracted?
  • What an anti acne facial treatment should consist of
  • What products should be avoided
  • Can scarring be prevented?
  • What types of scars can be treated
  • Do doctor products work?


All workshops are priced at $30 per person.
A minimum of 8 participants are required to commence a session.
 A talk cum demo can be arranged for bigger groups at a fixed appearance fee.
 A suitable venue must be provided to accommodate the number of participants expected.
All workshops are unisex except The Tummy Slimming Massage workshop (For ladies only)
Workshop fee includes the cost of products used and handouts


30 Merchant Road 
#02-05/06 Riverside Point
Singapore 058282
Nearest MRT Station: Clarke Quay (5 Minutes walk)
SMS : 93825901
Phone :64382808

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